Ruins of Castle Hanstein near Bornhagen, Germany

Visiting the ruins of Hanstein takes us back to medieval times - Castle Hanstein near Bornhagen, Germany in 2012 More »

Vietnam War protestors demonstrate - Wichita, KS, 1967.

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Solingen, Germany after the bombing, November 1944. - Stadtarchiv Solingen

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My grandmother Grete with her sisters in the early 1920s in Germany.

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B17 Bomber above German Airfield in WWII

U.S. Bomber flies above German airfield in WWII. More »



woman and dog hugging in the park

My Mutt, Mocha

Hi, thanks for stopping by. Here is my pooch, Mocha, doing her favorite thing: hiking in the woods. We picked her up at the Humane Society in 2004. (She really picked us.)

I hope you can stay a moment and check out the rest of my site. It’s going through sort of a transformation right now, so if you don’t have time, please come back soon.

My first two books A Different Truth and Escape from the Past—The Duke’s Wrath (Book 1), both historical novels with young guy protagonists are now available on Amazon and your favorite bookstore. If you can’t already tell, I love writing stories about awesome characters in cool, yet challenging historical settings.

News & Events

book cover for a different truth by annette oppenlanderMay 9, 2015 Launch Party for A Different Truth, Bloomington, IN – Get your copy now and e-mail me. I’ll send you a bookmark and personal bookplate to add to your book. Request your free personal note and signature for your eBook edition through Authorgraph. Order your copy here .

May 15, 2015 Heading to Greeneville, TN to do research for an upcoming Civil War novel.

May 22, 2015 Reading at The Academy of Science and Entrepreneurship, Bloomington, Ind.

May 23, 2015 Elected Treasurer for Writers Guild at Bloomington, Ind.

July 23-25, 2015 Midwest Writers Workshop, Muncie, Ind. book cover Escape from the Past written by Annette Oppenlander

July 31, 2015 Release of Escape from the Past: The Duke’s Wrath (Book #1) Paperback and eBook are available for pre-order on Amazon

August 2, 2015 3 p.m. Reading & Signing at Boxcar Books, Bloomington, Ind.

September 1-10, 2015 Blog Tour Escape from the Past: The Duke’s Wrath

September 23, 2015 Author Visit of Gymnasium August Dicke Schule, Solingen, Germany

October 11-18, 2015 Don Maass Retreat, Tampa, Florida

October 24, 2015 Indiana Writing Workshop, Indianapolis, Ind.

October 27, 2015 Author Visit and Signing, Library Bluffton, Ind.