Ruins of Castle Hanstein near Bornhagen, Germany

Visiting the ruins of Hanstein takes us back to medieval times - Castle Hanstein near Bornhagen, Germany in 2012 More »

Vietnam War protestors demonstrate - Wichita, KS, 1967.

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Solingen, Germany after the bombing, November 1944. - Stadtarchiv Solingen

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My grandmother Grete with her sisters in the early 1920s in Germany.

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B17 Bomber above German Airfield in WWII

U.S. Bomber flies above German airfield in WWII. More »


Upcoming Novels

Just like a woman’s work is never done, being an author is a lifestyle. While I maintain a regular writing schedule—made easy by my 30-second commute to my office—I constantly brainstorm about plot points, how to get my guy out of the sticky situation he is in, and new story ideas. I think about it in the shower, while driving and walking the dog. So you could say I’m a workaholic. Except it doesn’t feel like work. I really enjoy it. Below are the next few novels I’m currently working on.

Broken Journey 

unidentified Union soldierTennessee, 1861. Two teenage friends, Adam, a farm boy and Tip, a slave on the neighboring plantation are torn apart when Adam helps his friend recover from a terrible beating by the plantation’s only son, Nathan Billings. Accused of aiding a slave, Adam’s family loses the farm to pay the court’s fine. Enraged and feeling guilty, Adam visits Tip, only to find him taunted by Nathan once again. As Adam loses his temper, Nathan hits his head and goes limp. Convinced he’s killed Nathan, Adam panics. Like his father who fell in one of the first battles in Virginia, Adam joins the Union. Unlike his father he wants to die.


The Italian’s Daughter (Working Title)

When feisty and headstrong Sam (short for Samantha) looses her mother in a freak accident, she decides to search for her brother, Emilio, who didn’t return from a business trip to Chicago six months earlier. It is the year 1924, the height of prohibition, and the city of Cincinnati is in the midst of a deep recession. Narrowly escaping a band of thugs, Sam meets Paul, a nineteen-year old hobo. Together they make their way to Chicago where Al Capone is building an empire.

More to come…